Skeletal Massage/Bone Washing

An ancient form of therapeutic massage steeped in Hawaiian culture.

Bone washing helps to clear and release “Cherished wounds” alongside the emotional and physical pain stored in the muscle tissue. The Hawaiian healer (Kahuna) saw the periosteum (the skin of the human bone) as the cache where memories of physical movement and painful emotions lurk. These memories build up one after another like rocks that eventually become mountains. Bone washing can help bring these memories to the surface and release them. By moving the fingers between the muscles and around the bones, the body’s energetic pathways can be cleared. Bone washing cleanses the fascia and muscle tissue. Focus and intention are key elements in Bone washing with both giver and receiver in thoughtful communion with the intent. A fully clothed, deeply relaxing treatment.

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    • Stimulates the flow of QI and blood throughout the body.
    • Helps release physical and emotional pain.
    • Releases ancestral memories and trauma.
    • Provides a profound sense of deep relaxation.

60 minutes (€60)

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