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Massage helps release all physical, emotional blockages and tensions, restoring suppleness, ease and well being.

Access Consciousness ®

Access Consciousness ® is a combination of body processes that enhances change in your life through the release of thoughts, feelings and emotions that limit you.


In reflexology pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the foot. These points correspond to organs and areas of the body.


A variety of facial treatments with the end goal of improving the appearance of skin and helping you to relax.

Essential Oils

The practice of using Essential Oils for therapeutic benefit.

Pamper Package

Pamper packages allow you to customise several hours of bliss to meet your specific needs.
Choose U Therapies

Meet Aislinn

Aislinn is a warm, fun loving and dedicated therapist who has been passionate about massage and healing therapies since her early twenties.

Aislinn discovered the surprisingly life-affirming benefits of alternative healing therapies when she faced many personal life challenges.

Her being empowered with a new sense of positivity and wellbeing; she was inspired to wholeheartedly absorb many learnings through complementary and alternative therapies.

She is committed to enhancing the lives of others by using the knowledge she has gained with Choose U Therapies.


I would just like to say that my experience with Aislinn was lovely. She is a gentle therapist that is a good listener and gives good advice if you ask for it. I went to see her for a reflexology treatment. I have had some before but they were more gentle rubs than anything else. What I loved about Aislinn's treatment is that she really knows where the problems are. Granted it can hurt a little when you first go because when there is stuff to be unblocked you can feel it when she finds it. I was astounded to know that she can read the feet and know what's going on in the body, it's so interesting and insightful. You get to chat to her if you want or just nod off when it's possible. You don't want to leave and you don't want her to stop. It's fabulous.
Gladys G
My first ever experience with Access Bars was with Aislinn. I was going through a lot of stuff at the time and it was a difficult patch in my life. I had heard about Access Consciousness but I had never received a Bars session. It was a little uncomfortable at first as I felt like it was trying to get my body to push all of its tension out my shoulders but within a short space of time my body gave in and I just let go. I felt like I was floating and my head was all light and airy. It was a few weeks later that I realised that I was no longer the same with my kids when they got to each other. I didn't react at all, it was great. No anger, no frustration, no more impatience, just ease. If you're looking to free your head of all the stuff that's constantly going on, give it a try, it worked for me.
Ciara Faure
I decided to try a session of Access Facelift with Aislinn. I had already tried out Access Bars which I adore and decided to give myself a 'lift'. It was totally different. It was a really gentle experience, like my body was floating and light and I was astounded to feel it all over my body even when she only had her hands on my chest, face and head. An hour or more of pure bliss. What's even better was a few days later I saw my daughters and they thought I had changed my makeup because the bags that I normally have under my eyes had reduced immensely. Much thanks to Aislinn.
Pascale Fanget
I have recently experienced a lomi lomi massage from Aislinn Dunne. I have had many messages in my life ranging from Thai to Ayurvedic but never have I felt such release. It feels like your body is kneaded and nurtured all at once and that every knot and tension is worked out of your body. It's like her hands never leave your body for one second and it's pure bliss. She certainly has the strength and technique to vary from light and soothing massage to deep tissue pressure. I will be coming back for more that's for sure. Thanks Aislinn for the relief that it has given me.
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