Kahi Loa

Kahi Loa means infinite oneness.
A unique form of ancient Hawaiian energetic bodywork.

It involves working on the skin instead of muscles through the clothing using the elements of nature, fire, water, wind, stone, people and plants. By working with the elements you’re connecting with established associated memories. When working on the skin all kinds of healing chemicals are released into the bloodstream. Through light pressure movements on and above the body pain, tension and stagnant energy is released from the body.

Kahi Loa is designed for interaction involving the body, mind and spirit. The giver and receiver are constantly exchanging energies. The connection with the client is enhanced by the use of a shared intention between the giver and receiver, symbols, sounds, images and words. The power of gentle touch can deeply heal and nourish your soul.

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  • Deeply relaxing effect on the body.
  • Promotes a state of inner calm or therapeutic effect on your emotional well being.
  • Can help alleviate pains in the body.
  • Assist the body’s natural healing process.
  • Stimulates a free flow of energy in the body.

60 minutes (€60)

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