Access Body Process

Access Body processes are a form of hands on healing that create dynamic change in the body.

These energies shift and unlock the tension, resistance and dis-ease in the body by shifting energy dynamically, changing disease and dysfunction in the body on the cellular level. All Access Body processes create ease throughout the body by helping to release trauma, unlocking tension, reducing aches and pains, deep relaxation and boosting the immune system. There are 60 different Access Body processes that are targeted at relieving various forms of dis-ease in the body at a molecular level, ranging from eye problems, viral infections, skin rejuvenation to all forms of traumas that may have been experienced.
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  • Therapeutic effects on all body systems.
  • Improves flexibility, reduces stress.
  • Improves circulation and elimination of toxins.
  • Increases personal power (Mana) and spiritual energy.
  • Slows down the nervous system allowing the technique to be received rather than pushing through blockages in the muscle tissue.
  • Treat the whole persons body, mind and spirit inducing inner calm and clarity.

60 minutes (€65)

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