Pamper Package

Danú Wellness is your perfect destination for self-cherishing spa time.

We understand it’s difficult to carve out time, away from work and family commitments but it is so important to give yourself that opportunity for restorative time with your close friends. In our oasis of calm, you’ll find your senses re-balanced and your spirits lifted.

Our packages are carefully curated to provide caring treatments to relax, restore and rejuvenate mind, body and soul.

Find treatments that play to your needs and enjoy a little luxury while relaxing for a girls’ night-in, special birthdays, hen or zen parties. Our intent is that each client’s selection is specially tailored to their needs. Personalise your own package from our mix and match menu. We are happy to consult if you need advice.

girls pamper 1


3 x 25 minute treatment.

Choose 1 option from menu A & 2 from Menu B.

30 minutes relaxation time.

Refreshments provided(herbal teas, smoothie, fruit platter)

Menu A

Access Bars ®
Access Energetic Face Lift ®
Indian Head Massage

Menu B
Foot & Leg Massage
Mini Organic Facial
Back Massage


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