Facial Cupping

A natural alternative to botox with internal benefits to boot.

A gentle application of soft silicone cups to the face and neck area. Facial cupping works on many levels. An extremely relaxing and powerful treatment at the same time. Facial cupping stimulates blood flow and tones muscle. The suction draws oxygenated blood towards the surface of the skin. The suction tricks the skin into thinking it has been damaged, triggering the body to heal itself. As a result of the skin’s own natural healing process, it will appear plumpier and healthier. It will also relax muscle tension and help to rebalance the body.

facial cupping


  • Softens lines and wrinkles.
  • Stimulates collagen production.
  • Reduces puffiness & help clear the skin.
  • Relaxes facial muscles – moving energy and stuck emotions.
  • Sculpts and contour the neck & jaw line.
  • Helps reduce pore size.
  • Produces a radiant glow.

Book as a stand alone treatment or experience combined with a Zone Face Lift treatment as the combination of all the elements of Face Lift massage, Facial Reflexology is transformative inside and out.

25 minutes (€35)

60 minutes (€60)


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