Meet Aislinn

Massage Therapist, Facilitator and Practitioner
Aislinn is an active listener who brings calmness, empathy and gentleness to her client’s needs. People always leave Aislinn feeling better, on foot of her intervention!
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In a warm calm and welcoming environment, the first session will involve taking time to get to know you in order to learn more about you, your personal health and your needs.

Each treatment that is recommended is adapted to treating all physical and emotional issues that you may be experiencing in your life. Relief and wellbeing is brought about through the use of targeted techniques.

Come and experience the inspiring positive outcomes of :
  • Massage Frees your body of all muscle, nerve and joint tension and releases the emotional and physical blockages. (Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Indian Head, Facial, Prenatal)
  • Reflexology Improves circulation, reduces stress and pain and brings the body back into alignment.
  • Essential Oil Blending Oils restore wellness, move energies and also nourish and harmonise the body.
  • Access Bars ® Clears the mind of all stress, thoughts, emotions and feelings that inhibit ease in your daily life.
  • Facial Treatments Restores, rejuvenates and rebalances the face and body from inside and out.
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What if ....

With a full range of treatments tailored to your very needs, Aislinn can accompany you and alleviate the symptoms caused by the natural accumulation of stress, trauma, and emotions and to achieve a more positive state of mind.

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How can
I help you?

Release? Relaxation? Rejuvenation?
of your body and mind.
Reach out to me below I’d love to hear from you.

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